Mahua Art Gallery is the leading contemporary art gallery in India. Founded in 2002 by Meenu Jaipuria, Mahua Art Gallery represents remarkable contemporary Indian artists and especially encourages young emerging talent all across the country.

 With a rich history of art collection and appreciation, Mahua Art Gallery was initiated by Meenu to continue the tradition of fostering creativity of young Indian artists and generating art awareness. Her father,  Dr. H.K. Kejriwal, founding member of Chitrakala Parishad, had been a prominent collector of eclectic and rare art and donated a large part of his personal collection which is on permanent display at the H.K.Kejriwal Museum in Chitrakala Parishad, Bangalore.

Since its founding, Mahua Art Gallery has formed deep relationships with the artists carefully selected from across India. The artworks on display showcase a diversity of thematic concerns, styles, techniques, and regional influences. Besides promoting artists’ works in its own gallery, Mahua also hosts national and international exhibitions to give its artists a broader geographical reach and footprint.

In 2014, ArtCollective, an initiative of Mahua Art Gallery, was founded with the vision of making art accessible and giving a wider stage for emerging artists to showcase their work through a new print platform.

The gallery’s Art Advisory assists collectors with art consulting, collections, commissioned arts, restoration and customized framing.

To deepen the knowledge and connoisseurship surrounding art, design and heritage, Meenu initiated the Mahua Arts Foundation to form a holistic art community joined by artists, art lovers, collectors, students and scholars across various disciplines.

Director's Profile

Meenu grew up with art as a young member of a family of art collectors. “Being privileged to be surrounded by art since childhood, I found a visual language in art that fascinated me,” says Meenu. “Ancient art, which was part of my environment, absorbed me with its rich history.” The interaction with art scholars who visited occasionally deepened her interest in art.

She was inspired especially by her father and art patron, Dr. H.K. Kejriwal, who was a passionate art collector and philanthropist. Dr. Kejriwal belongs to a family that has been collecting art for three generations. Some of his acquisitions date back to the 3rd Century BC.

In 2002, Meenu founded Mahua Art Gallery to promote young emerging artists from across India and give a wider stage to the talented awardees of H.K.Kejriwal Young Artists Awards which first began in 1980. “Our mission is to bring art to all,” asserts Meenu, describing the overall objective of the gallery. The Mahua Gallery promotes talented contemporary artists – established and emerging, as well as contemporary folk artists.

Prior to establishing the gallery, Meenu had founded a not-for-profit organisation called Sanskriti in 2000 to promote awareness of art. This was later transformed into the Mahua Art Foundation that continues to engage diverse scholars, artists and enthusiasts through lectures, discussions and workshops on art, design and heritage.