Ranjana in her solo exhibition “Loitering with Intent” has created a sensitive body of works. She paints the nameless, faceless; multitude of people going about their busy lives and in doing so makes them visible to the viewer. In fact, she invites the viewer to celebrate these lives by infusing ... view more

Mar 21 - Apr 4, 2018

11am - 7pm

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"Beyond Boundaries" is an eclectic collection of paintings and sculptures that represents a myriad of styles and themes. Paintings range from abstracts to landscapes, each inviting the viewer to step into their different worlds and experience the artist's imagery and emotion. Sculptur ... view more

Feb 24 - Mar 24, 2017

11am - 7pm

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The exhibition is a series of paintings C.F. John has been working on for the last six years as
part of his reflection on two mystic saints, St. Kabir and Francis of Assisi.

St.Kabir, Francis of Assisi and other Pregnant Birds ... view more

Sep 22 - Oct 12, 2016

11 am - 8 pm

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The HK Kejriwal Young Artist Award Exhibition will be held from 18th July to 1st August from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Mahua Art Gallery, Bangalore.

The 4 young artists who are the recipients of this award are Sonal Varshneya from Agra, Bhartti Verma from New Delhi, Suchender P from Mysore ... view more

Jul 18 - Aug 21, 2016

1130 - 8pm
Mahua Gallery, Online

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Abstract art goes beyond familiar forms and imageries and gives us a view of the artist’s inner expressions. It invites us to use our
imagination, transforming us from mere viewers to participants in the creative process. Through this process, we can try to understand
the artwork’s ... view more

Jun 17 - Jul 15, 2016

12pm - 8pm

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Thoughts settle like dew and trickle down, tracing the lines of this collection of figurative artworks. They evaporate and
come anew as we move through their human landscapes portraying different moods. C F John’s meditative quality delves
inward into layers of consciousness, making ... view more

May 27 - Jun 12, 2016

10am - 8pm
Online, www.mahuagallery.com

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The Art Annual 2016 at Mahua Art Gallery embraces artistic creativity by showcasing an eclectic mix of paintings and sculptures by our thirty talented established and emerging artists from over ten Indian states. It is a celebration of regional diversity amongst the featured artists to reveal the ti ... view more

Apr 29 - May 28, 2016

11am - 8pm
Mahua Gallery

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Mini Giri fell in love with Shakespeare and poetry at the age of 15. Her exploration stirred with Midsummer Night’s dream and over the span of the next two decades was nurtured into a storm that gradually helped her blur the line between the written te ... view more

Dec 19 - 30, 2015

5:30 PM - 7 PM
Mahua Gallery, The Collonnade at Leela

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In today’s cultural landscape, through the imagination and reflection of our artists, we often find ourselves mesmerized by the traditional that has morphed into a new branch of contemporary. Through their art they render us, with just one image, the ability to understand their own social and cult ... view more

Nov 6 - 25, 2015

11 am - 7 pm
Bangalore, The Collonnade at Leela

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‘Emerging Lines’ is the new series of works by Shirley Mathew who expresses her observations and perceptions of a growing city, through her paintings. Using colors to portray the seasons interspersed with geometrical forms, suggests the viewer to go through a journey and make their own impressio ... view more

Feb 22 - Mar 8, 2014

6.30 PM - 7 PM
Bangalore, Mahua Gallery

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Leela Cherian has been working in the field of fabric art for more than 30 years. She has held solo exhibitions in the US and in Kuwait and her work has been published in several reputed magazines in the field. She has appeared on the American TV show "Simply Quilts" on HGTV and recently ... view more

Dec 13 - 27, 2013

6.30 pm - 7 pm
Bangalore, Mahua Gallery

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The compilation has the work of 9 young artists, working diversely with painting, sculpture, photography and printmaking, each of whom will express a personal interpretation of one chosen rasa (mood or emotion) experienced by human beings and as expounded by Bharata in the ancient treatise on perfor ... view more

Sep 14 - Oct 5, 2013

7pm - 7pm
Bangalore, Mahua Gallery

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The exhibition "Colour My World" is a collection of paintings, sculptures and photographs. The collection has varied visual styles and thematic representation by a large group of senior artists which include Anjolie Ela Menon, T Vaikuntham, S G Vasudev, Seema Kohli, Ramananda Bandyopadyay ... view more

Mar 7 - Jan 12, 2013

11am - 7pm
Bangalore, ITC Windsor

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